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Give Your Training Some Love

How to Create Engaging Training Have you ever felt your training sessions to be a little flat? Learn how you can give your training session some love in this Valentine themed webinar.  Experts in Virtual Training will demonstrate all the latest engagement tools to create exciting learning sessions for your learners.  Join us to learn…


Best Practices for Effective Virtual Training

Want to ensure your virtual training comes off perfectly? We’ll cover the best practices for running a successful class in a Virtual Classroom. We’ll cover tips and tricks from learning professional and seasoned speaker Kevin Temple.  After this webinar, you'll be successfully running engaging classes, leading to increased retention of learners, impacting your business bottom line.


Taking Virtual Classrooms to the Next Level of Engagement

Rapid Engagement Tools for Virtual Classrooms Engagement is key to creating an effective eLearning program. This webinar will cover the latest trends and applications that improve the learner experience through tools such as gamification, quizzes and peer to peer interaction. These experiences drive healthy competition among remote learners which leads to better retention and adoption…


How to Keep Up with eLearning Technology Why Hosting Choices Are Becoming More Important

This webinar offers important advice for planning a successful next generation eLearning environment.  It focuses in-depth on key considerations for evaluating hosting options for Adobe Connect and Captivate Prime from On-Premises to Hybrid Private Managed Clouds outlining how to make deployment decisions to provide the best experience for end users and learners while providing the best…