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Transforming eLearning and Communications for Growing Businesses

Transforming eLearning and communications for growing businesses

From media companies and ad agencies to nonprofits and educational organizations, ConnectSolutions has helped leading businesses transform their virtual training and collaboration experiences while reducing travel and IT costs.

Faster more effective training

Progressive businesses know that sending employees for off-site training is costly and inefficient. Highly engaging, interactive content in virtual classrooms can be produced and distributed quickly, giving employees the knowledge they need to beat the competition.  New tools like gamification foster engagement and improve knowledge retention, particularly for the expanding millennial workforce.

Enable Remote Access

Give your workforce the ability to telecommute or communicate from the field or remote office with collaborative, secure solutions.  Share expertise on products, upload interviews or demos and provide feedback immediately.  Create higher productivity among workers by providing instant audio and video connectivity no matter where they in are the world.

Shorten Product Cycles and Delight Customers

For companies in which days and weeks can mean a competitive advantage, having virtual training and collaboration tool is critical.  Virtual classrooms that ensure employees have a consistent comprehension of strategy, messages, and data will lead to successful engagements with customers and prospects.  These same tools can be used for virtual collaboration in a secure online environment, enabling your team to get questions answered or provide feedback ASAP to maximize efficiency and output.  The result is shorter product cycles and reduced time-to-market.

Distributing Expertise

Subject matter experts now have the right tools at their fingertips to build training content to share.  They’re able to share new strategies and best practices to ensure consistency. Large numbers of employees can be trained simultaneously for massive distribution of information, ultimately reducing product cycles and time-to-market.

Reduced Operating Costs

With virtual classrooms, you’ll reduce operating and travel costs.  CoSo provides both turnkey solutions to get up-and-running in minutes as well as customized approaches to tackle the most complex objectives and requirements.

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