Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Improve the Patient Care Experience and
Fast tracking Go-to-Market Development

Extend the Care Experience with Knowledge Your Team Has the Latest Information Available

As the healthcare industry is evolving with the Affordable Care Act, changing HIPAA regulations, and coding for insurance companies, managing information can be overwhelming.  It’s ever important that healthcare professionals meet regulatory compliance by keeping up with the latest information. We offer immersive eLearning tools that eliminate the cost of travel, improve the speed of information dissemination, and improve information retention with engaging eLearning environments.  For highly sensitive or proprietary training, our secure private cloud ensures your information is secure and always available.

Faster, More Effective Training

Highly engaging, interactive content can be made quickly and distributed broadly when staff needs it. They get the information they need to improve patient care, which can save lives.  New engagement tools improve knowledge retention as well as appeal to the expanding millennial workforce

Enable Remote Access

When communication is critical, virtual classrooms connect geographically distributed sales and support teams, securely facilitating rapid communication.   The virtual classroom provides a common platform for communication and the dissemination of the latest product information and research without incurring the downtime and costs of travel.

Distributing Expertise

Subject matter experts now have the right tools at their fingertips to build training content that needs to be communicated quickly to others.  Share best practices, new medical techniques and other important information.  Large numbers of employees can be trained simultaneously.

Reduced Operating Costs

With virtual classrooms, you’ll save operating and travel costs.  CoSo provides both turnkey solutions to get up-and-running in minutes as well as customized approached to tackle the most complex objectives and requirements.

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