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Secure Communications and Virtual Training for Regulatory Compliance

Improve Performance and Gain Operational Efficiencies with Online Collaboration and eLearning.

In regulated businesses such as Financial Services, having secure, compliant and reliable digital communications is imperative.  We help regulated businesses securely train and collaborate with Virtual Classrooms on our Secure Private Cloud.  Financial Institutions are able to conduct both internal meetings as well as external client meetings.  They have the ability to automatically archive their digital communications to keep compliant records of audio, video, and chat messages from all virtual training classes and conferences.  

We provide reliable 99.99% uptime, so you’ll never miss a second of business.  Our platform is so secure that the U.S. Department of Defense has relied upon it for protecting battlefield briefings.  It’s also trusted by leading financial institutions including KPMG and Charles Schwab.

Faster, More Effective Training

In the Financial and Banking industry, training is an especially critical component when onboarding new employees.  Virtual Classroom training helps ensure  all customer- facing workforces are able to rapidly develop their client skills and get up to speed on the latest rules, regulations and technologies.  Long gone are the days of only sending employees off-site for training.  Highly engaging, interactive content can be made quickly and distributed broadly on any device, in real-time.  Virtual engagement with rich content also improves knowledge retention.

Enable Remote Access

Give your distributed workforce the ability to telecommute or communicate from the field or remote offices with collaborative, secure solutions that maintain records to meet regulatory compliance requirements.  Conduct virtual meetings with clients, prospects, management or subject matter experts while away from the office.  By providing instant audio and video connectivity from any location in the world, your team will be more productive and effective.

Better Communication and Delighting Customers

Virtual classrooms that ensure employees have a consistent comprehension of strategy, messages, and data will lead to successful engagements with customers and prospects. These same tools can be used for virtual collaboration in a secure online environment.  They’ll allow your team to get questions answered or provide immediate feedback, as well as connect with customers at key decision points.

Distributing Expertise

Subject matter experts now have the right tools at their fingertips to build training content to share.  This allows you to train workforces on the latest regulatory compliance requirements, share best practices and other critical information across locations.  Large groups of brokers, agents, and customer service personnel can be trained simultaneously.

Reduced Operating Costs

With virtual classrooms, you’ll reduce operating and travel costs.  CoSo provides both turnkey solutions to get up-and-running in minutes as well as  customized approaches to  tackle the most complex objectives and requirements.

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