Still Using WebEx to Train? Here’s What You’re Missing:

November 14, 2016  

Still using WebEx to train workers? We get it. With Web-Ex, you can deliver the same quality training programs your competitors do. But that’s the problem. Success doesn’t come to those who do the exact same thing their competitors do.

Today’s organization competes in a knowledge economy. Competitive edge depends on information and effective application of that knowledge. That means information that is passed onto your workforce must be transferred in a way that maximizes use of that information. Any disconnect that exists between the instructor and learner will work against knowledge being transformed into a capability, which in turn chips away at the positive impact a training session or program is supposed to have on productivity and revenue. Any edge an organization might have in the way knowledge is transferred is an automatic leg up on the competition.

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Five Ways to Get ‘Ghosted’ by Your Learners

October 31, 2016  


Ghosted. It’s not a Halloween “thing,” exactly. But it’s plenty scary—at least for training professionals.

Are your learners disappearing on you? Maybe fading during a session? Or simply not showing up? If so, you’ve been ghosted and are probably guilty of committing at least one of the following ghoulish crimes!


1. You made the meeting optional

In the mind of a busy worker, ‘voluntary’ means unnecessary. If the meeting is important, you require your learners to go. If it’s not that important, why are you hosting it at all? Even if there’s low-impact but “nice to have” information that you’d like your workers to know as long as they have the time to take it in, save it for a related session or a less busy time—and track your learners to make sure they get it. Haphazardly disseminating knowledge to whoever chooses to show up divides your workforce and stokes frustration for everyone.

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The Newest Ways to Engage Learners

October 24, 2016  

In 2009, a Gallup State of the American Workplace report came out that showed organizations that were able to successfully engage both customers and employees could experience a 240 percent boost in performance-related business gains.

Most organizations must not have gotten the word. Six years later, another Gallup report showed only 32 percent of U.S. employees were engaged. 32 percent! This means two-thirds of the American workforce is essentially checked out.

So how can you inspire greater enthusiasm across your workforce? A big part of this comes down to giving your workers the know-how to do their jobs more effectively. Corporate training, which when done properly can be a business driver in its own right—42 percent of companies say eLearning has led to an increase of revenue.

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How We Built GM’s Platform for Mobile Training

October 18, 2016  

General Motors is the world’s largest automotive corporation and full-line vehicle manufacturer.

To provide 300,000 sales and other employees at more than 6,000 dealerships around the world with the most immersive training experience, GM and tech leader Raytheon turned
to ConnectSolutions (CoSo) to help build a robust Adobe Connect eLearning solution that met their strict requirements for rock-solid reliability, performance, and scale.

Not only did GM need to ensure all appropriate dealership staff got the latest vehicle and sales information, it also needed to confirm the information was absorbed. This meant having proper tracking and reporting capabilities in place that could confirm whether a trainee had participated in all the required training sessions and was capable of incorporating the information into the sales process. Due to the magnitude of GM’s training program— two million courses were conducted last year alone—GM’s platform required a level of quality, reliability, ease of use and security that could not come from an out-of-the-box public cloud or on-premises offering.

With CoSo, GM and Raytheon were able to deliver a mobile learning platform with Virtual Classroom and On Demand capabilities that includes live trainer-led instruction along with the ability for trainees to consume rich media interactive content on their own time and on any device.

Due to the importance of the training results, CoSo also delivered unique customizations to ensure data accuracy and reduce support calls regarding course credit. And because of CoSo’s close relationship with Adobe, GM was also able to influence the rollout of new product capabilities that helped GM meet an ambitious new use case for mobile that allowed them to serve up 200+ On Demand courses on mobile devices with all the rich features from the original lessons, including video, quizzes, and interactive exercises.

The result? GM is able to reliably host as many as
 two million courses—all with dashboards uniquely fed by aggregated learning data from CoSo that allows GM to keep tabs
 on all online and offline learning activities, interactions, events, course progress, skill level attainment, learning status and more for trainees, departments, and teams across the country—to ensure its employees are armed with the skills and information they need to meet expectations.

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Surprise! Your Workers Want to Learn

October 11, 2016  

No eLearning program is fully immune to the occasional grumbling that occurs when busy employees are pulled away from their work. It’s not that workers don’t want to learn. It’s just that more and more learning is happening out of the office and on their own time.

According to recent research from educational tech company Degreed, while workers spend an average of 37 minutes learning through employer-sponsored training and resources every week, they spend 3.3 hours learning on their own through articles, blogs, videos, books, apps, networks, online courses, podcasts and more. Last year, 75% of workers even invested their own money into individually led learning—to the tune of $339 each. And when does this learning occur? According to the same research, about 67% happens off the clock.

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eLearning Still Boils Down to Teacher and Student

October 4, 2016  

41 percent of global Fortune 500 enterprises now use some sort of educational technology to support corporate training, and no wonder: with eLearning, organizations are 42% more likely to see an increase in revenue and 46 percent more likely to be leaders in their industry.

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How We Helped Bring the Human Touch to Kaplan Test Prep

September 27, 2016  

Kaplan is one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers. Throughout its 75-year history, they’ve been a beacon for expanding educational access and a leader in instructional innovation. It’s Kaplan Test Prep program offers preparation for more than 90 standardized tests, including entrance exams for secondary school, college, and graduate school. High school students can prepare for the SATs and go on to college. Doctors and nurses can pass their licensing tests and save lives.

Kaplan wanted to create a virtual environment that could provide 
both faculty and students with a unique human feel not normally associated with the high technology of online learning. But there was a hitch: establishing real competitive differentiation in the rapidly growing online learning industry required a learning and prep environment that could assure both instructors and students that their system would always be up and running, and at the highest possible performance. With tens of thousands of new enrollments every year, the system needed to handle thousands of active student learning sessions simultaneously with room for high growth. Service disruptions just weren’t an option.

After initially working with Adobe Connect on their own, Kaplan approached CoSo for a more robust solution that could provide
a higher level of performance and security. We were soon delivering on Kaplan’s stringent security and always-on reliability requirements with a purpose-built Connect deployment that supported a wide range of desired features without sacrificing absolute reliability.

With CoSo’s hosted version of Adobe Connect in the private cloud, Kaplan could provide students and faculty with even greater flexibility by freeing them even from the desktop to learn and 
train from mobile devices. Whereas most online courses are limited in their ability to duplicate the in-classroom experience, Kaplan was able to surpass it by allowing students to customize their tests and learning experience depending on need and deadline, improve overall understanding of subject matter through a combination of in-class instruction and supplementary materials, and track progress with instant performance reports. Instructors, meanwhile, could custom-tailor and perfect their lessons through live learner participation monitoring, detailed learner reports, and other intuitive live session management tools.

By combining the power of Connect with the stability provided by CoSo, Kaplan continues to re-invent online learning. But this is only part of the story! For more, check out the full case study here.


Virtual Classroom Software & Driving Engagement

September 21, 2016  

Engagement is one of the hottest new trends in eLearning and a key element in creating an effective eLearning program We recently hosted a webinar on what is engagement, how to create it and why it’s a must have for your virtual classroom. One of the key highlights from the webinar was how engagement in the Virtual Classroom directly impacts how employees absorb information. Read more »


Healthcare and Government Sectors Perfectly Demonstrate Full Value of eLearning Technology

August 12, 2016  

Of all the industry-specific use cases that exist for eLearning, it’s hard to find one that better demonstrates the full value of eLearning than healthcare and government.

Like all industries, being able to cost-effectively provide an immersive in-class experience with anywhere access to distributed learners is of critical import to busy healthcare practitioners, researchers and administrators as well as military, public safety and other government officials.

But nowhere will you find the same critical need for the rapid and reliable transfer of knowledge or intelligence with such high stakes—namely, the preservation and quality of life. Read more »


Learning Tree Brings In-Class Experience to Students around Globe

August 9, 2016  

Learning Tree

If you’re one of the 2.4 million IT and business professionals who have taken an online class with Learning Tree International, you know just how immersive their in-class learning experience is.

Their AnyWare web-based attendance platform lets students connect to a live classroom from virtually anywhere in the world. Powered by Adobe Connect with custom technology and support from ConnectSolutions, the platform offers a host of collaborative learning features, including live video, audio and chat interactions with instructors and students, the same hands-on IT exercises as on-site students, and live break-out sessions.

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Still Using WebEx to Train? Here’s What You’re Missing:

Still using WebEx to train workers? We get it. With Web-Ex, you can deliver the same quality training programs your competitors do. But that’s the problem. Success doesn’t come to those who do the exact same thing their competitors do. Today’s organization competes in a knowledge economy. Competitive edge depends on information and effective application […]